After some major backlash, the digital bonuses from Destiny: The Taken King's Collector's Edition will be available separately, including three new emotes.

Fans have been voicing their disapproval of Destiny: The Taken King's Collector's Edition which features exclusive digital goodies you can't get anywhere else, including some new emote actions. Destiny's $39.99 Taken King expansion will feature a new Raid, new Strikes, Two new PVP modes, four PVP maps, a bunch of new Missions, a third subclass for each character class and a ton of new gear. Players who are already level 30 or have purchased the first two expansions (it's really tough to hit level 30 without them) will get a special Founder's Fortune Pack, which includes a Sparrow, Armor Shader and Year 1 Emblem.

Unfortunately, the Collector's Editions of this expansion bundle together the core game, the previous expansions and other digital goodies (including three new Armor Shaders, three exotic class items and three class-specific emotes) all together for $79.99. There's no way for veteran players to get these items unless they cough up the $80 to buy the Collector's Edition, which is a waste of money if you already own the core game and expansions and just wanted the bonuses.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Bungie Creative Director Luke Smith had some rather tasteless comments about the exclusive content:

Eurogamer: Final question on prices -

Luke Smith: Is it also the final question on the emotes?

Eurogamer: I'm not going to mention them again. I can't get them.

Luke Smith: But you can if you buy the Collector's Edition.

Eurogamer: I'm not going to buy the game and the two DLCs all over again.

Luke Smith: Okay, but first I want to poke at you on this a little bit.

Eurogamer: Poke at me?

Luke Smith: You're feeling anxious because you want this exclusive content but you don't know yet how much you want it. The notion of spending this money is making you anxious, I can see it -

Eurogamer: I do want them. I would buy them -

Luke Smith: If I fired up a video right now and showed you the emotes you would throw money at the screen.

A few days later, Smith made the following statement in response to what he said:

I am Luke Smith, Creative Director on Destiny: The Taken King.
Many, many years ago, I wrote to you each week in this spot. We talked about Battle Rifles, we talked about stuff we weren't going to talk about, and at some point I did a horrible hand-drawing of an upcoming map and teased you with it in the Weekly Update.
Anyone who knows me knows I can be sarcastic, anyone who remembers podcasts I've done knows that I can be pretty blunt, and anyone who’s watched me in a ViDoc knows I'm pretty unpolished.
However, most of you don't know me.
Reading my interview with Eurogamer and imagining it came from some random developer of a game I love - that random developer looks like an Asshat.
But that Asshat was me - and those words rightfully anger you.
I'm sorry.
My words made it sound as if Bungie doesn't care about their most loyal fans.
We do care. We are listening. And we will make it right.

Bungie has now promised to sell The Taken King's Collector's Edition's digital goodies separately for those who don't want to rebuy the same game and expansions. Those three Armor Shaders, three exotic class items and three new motes will be bundled together for $20 starting Sept. 15, which is when The Taken King debuts (the expansion and the digital goodies will be sold separately, meaning you'll still have to spend $60 for them all). The company also has some other bonuses in the works for VIP players who have been playing since launch.

Lastly, Bungie had some cryptic words for veteran players who previously own the core game and expansions and already purchased The Taken King's Digital Collector's Edition:

"If you purchased the existing Digital Collector's Edition, and you already owned Destiny and both expansion packs, we’ll have some additional information for you soon,"