Players can now pre-order Bungie's $500 million title, Destiny, on the PlayStation Store and will be the first PlayStation 4 title to support pre-loading.

Sony has just added a pre-order listing for Destiny on the PlayStation Store. Based on the PlayStation Knowledge Center, Destiny is going to be the first PlayStation 4 title to support pre-loading in order to have the game fully downloaded before its release. Last month's 1.70 system update to the PS4 introduced the ability to pre-load to PSN users.

The PSN listing of Destiny claims that in order to get access to the beta, digital pre-orders must be registered at and have their PlayStation Network ID cross-linked to their Bungie account in order to be eligible for Beta access.

Both PlayStation 3 and PS4 users will be granted access to the Destiny beta over Xbox users sometime this July. Destiny will launch on Sept. 9 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Pre-ordered, pre-loaded digital copies of Destiny on PS4 should be available to play at the stroke of midnight on Sept. 9.