With the Destiny beta on hold for a day, gamers who pre-ordered the ambitious first-person-shooter are understandably annoyed that they don’t get to jump into the open universe today. In an effort that may ease the sting of the beta maintenance, Activision has announced a special Destiny pre-order bonus that will allow early adopters to gear up with exclusive weapons and armor as well as an exclusive player emblem.

Destiny pre-order customers will have access to the Vanguard Armory. This exclusive shop will grant access to weapons and gear that can’t be found anywhere else. Tons of weapons are shown in the video, as well as a selection of helmets that change players’ abilities while giving Guardians a unique look. The Agema White option is especially fetching, and should pair nicely with the orange “V” logo of the Vanguard Armory, which adorns every weapon in the store. The Vanguard Armory is no giveaway shop, though; players will still need to earn the exclusive upgrades in the game.

Some small print on the video reveals that the “exclusive” content is actually a timed exclusive, and may eventually be available for all players sometime after fall 2015.

Destiny is set for a Sept. 9 release date on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The beta returns on Wednesday for both PlayStation and Xbox platforms.