As the world is still compulsively playing Destiny while complaining about it the whole time, the hilarious folks at Smosh Games have released their latest 'Honest Trailer,' revealing Bungie's big time FPS for what it is.

Smosh Games' Honest Trailer of Destiny describes Bungie's big MMO shooter in the perfect way. Just listen to what the narrator says during the first minute of the trailer:

The storytelling of Halo, the scope of World of Warcraft and the cooperative fun of Borderlands MAY eventually get patched in, but, until then, prepare for gaming's hottest 7 out of 10 - Destiny. Play through the video game equivalent of a beautiful mansion full of cheap Ikea furniture in an MMO with barely any social features, a multiplayer shooter with zero matchmaking and a single player game with about a week's worth of casual content. But if you can stick around for the long haul, this FPS/MMORPG promises to fix all of its problems with three more lucrative letters: D-L-C, cha-ching!

This trailer points out every major fallacy that Destiny has, regardless of its excellent FPS gameplay. Smosh's narrator points out how ridiculous it is that, in order to learn more about the game's lore, you have to go onto Bungie's website, link your account and look up Grimoire Cards to read the background info of a poorly written story, when it should have just been included as in-game content like the codex from Mass Effect.

This quote summarizes how most of us feel about the game's presentation:

"Featuring three races that makes zero difference and three classes that make a very slight difference once every few minutes. Explore the solar system with an even smaller version of Peter Dinklage in the worst performance by a good actor since Bill Murray phoned it in for Ghostbusters [The Video Game]."

Destiny's Dark Below expansion is expected to launch sometime by the end of year, with the House of Wolves Expansion to debut sometime in early 2015.