Bungie's Destiny announcement definitely stirred up a lot of excitement over the shared-world shooter. But with this excitement also comes a lot of questions, so it's a relief that Bungie's DeeJ has taken the time to answer some fan queries.

A post on the Bungie site runs down some of the community's questions regarding the ambitious first-person shooter and features some thought-provoking questions such as, "Will you guys make a Harlem Shake vid?"

The answer to that is "Nah, we've danced enough for one week."

But other gamers had some really good questions concerning Destiny, which DeeJ happily answered.

One of the questions, posted by user Unisaur 64, asked about pre-order incentives that are exclusive to certain retailers and what form these bonuses would take.

DeeJ answered by saying that there are only three incentives available at the moment, like a two-sided poster available at GameStop and EB Games Canada. US retailers will have two-sided posters as well, but they'll feature different artwork on the B-side. Amazon.com offers a digital wallpaper for their pre-orders, to use either on desktops or mobile devices. Other bonuses and all other participants will be listed soon, but for now, details are kept mum.

THORSGOD asked about how Activision has been, in regard to cooperating with Bungie and Destiny. DeeJ replied with, "Their passion for games has been apparent every step of the way, but it’s not our job to sell you on the merits of Activision. Our priority is shipping the best experience we can. Activision is fully aligned with that goal."

Other questions dealt with topics that have already been broached, like Paul McCartney's involvement with Destiny's music, but are still interesting to read.

Check out the rest of the questions on the official site and take a look at one of the hilarious pictures they posted, poking fun at themselves and the uncomfortable situation of standing in front of the gaming press.

Let us know what you would like to ask the team at Bungie about Destiny!