You guys want to be the first Guardians to explore the exciting vastness of space in Bungie's Destiny? Then sign up for a chance to be picked for beta testing!

The link in the tweet leads to the Bungie User Research page where you can click the "Dive In" button (set below a rather unsettling picture of a man being torn in half inside a beaker full of unidentifiable liquid), to sign up for the program. You can link your social media accounts (Facebook, Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, etc.), and fill out a short survey about how you get your game on.

Membership will give you the chance to playtest Bungie games, partake in Alpha and Beta testing, and take surveys about your gaming habits.

If you'd like to be one of the first players to see the exciting galaxy in Destiny, and not be able to talk about it thanks to Non-Disclosure Agreements, then go here to fill out an application!

Let us know if you're going to take the jump and sell your services to Bungie in return for sweet early access to one of the most anticipated games of this generation and the next.