Capcom's Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 looked promising in the trailers we've seen before, but this latest gameplay footage has us excited for the coming zombie apocalypse.

Dead Rising has always had goofy suits and custom weapons as part of its DNA, and this third entry doesn't look to disappoint. The quick snippets of various zombie encounters we get to see in the video show off a load of different outfits and weapons we'll be able to use against the hordes. Say what you will about yet another zombie game, but at least this one lets you dress up like a shark.

The vehicles are also in full display this time around, with a host of different two- and four-wheeled vehicles on hand to flatten the zombie menace. While driving a cop car is nice and all, you can't deny the appeal of a motorcycle with a steamroller wheel and flamethrowers. Don't even try.

Check out the footage, and let us know if you're excited for Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One.