A CG trailer for Dead Rising 3 reminds us just what this series is all about: carnage, goofiness and the most awesome makeshift weapons ever cobbled together out of necessity.

The video features Nick as he tries to wade his way through a seemingly-unending horde of the undead. He comes across another survivor with a gun and a badass leather outfit and the two team up to find safety.

You see hints of the game's crafting mechanics as Nick makes a weapon out of a chainsaw, duct tape and some sticks. The fact that zombies retain hints of their former personalities is also shown, as a convict zombie wields a shotgun and has enough brain juice to know how to fire off a couple of shells.

Watch the trailer above and let us know what you think of it. Is it the best Dead Rising trailer ever? Sound off in the comments and look out for Dead Rising 3 when it's released on the Xbox One later this year.