Just when we thought we were clear, we're U-turning back onto the zombified streets of Los Perdidos as Dead Rising 3 gets a Stay Puft-sized patch and the game's first official downloadable content is released. This DLC is the first of four planned expansions for Dead Rising's story mode, which focuses on some of the other survivors of Capcom's latest epidemic. So let's breakout the Zombrex, duct tape a cement saw onto a sledgehammer and cut up some walkers.

Xbox Wire has released an interview with executive producer, Josh Bridge, as to what Dead Rising 3's massive patch encompasses, what can we expect with this new DLC and what we can look forward to in the future. A major problem with DR3's interface was it was hard to target and pick up a specific item from the ground if there was a clutter of objects to chose from. "We know folks had some frustration when they couldn’t pick up the weapon or food item they wanted if there was a bunch of stuff grouped together," Bridge explained. "We reached out to some fans and we improved that in this update. "

The update also fixes DR3's interaction with the SmartGlass app, which has been known to freeze regularly whenever players would change screens on their mobile devices.

The first official DLC of Dead Rising 3, Operation Broken Eagle, acts a prequel, putting you in the shoes of a military commander who goes into Los Perdidos long before Nick Ramos' story began. All four of the upcoming DLC chapters of DR3 plan on being oriented around a secondary character of the main story. In Broken Eagle, expect to see a minigun, automatic shoguns, a tank and all sorts of fun, military-grade hardware that we can't wait to unleash on the reanimated hordes. Unfortunately, the DLC won't offer an co-op play, and is strictly a single-player adventure. This will be true of all the upcoming add-ons, too. "There’s no co-op for each of the four episodes," Bridge said. "We chose to do that so we could really drill down on a single-player experience and really tell that character’s story."

We're dying to get our hands on the expansion, and you can look for our review of Operation Broken Eagle later this week.