Now that Deep Silver dropped Yager from developing Dead Island 2 and it was pushed back to 2016, it looks like we'll be revisiting the original zombie-slaying title.

Eurogamer reports that the South African retailer has posted listings for Dead Island: Definitive Edition. While publisher Deep Silver has yet to make an official announcement about this title, Loot listed Dead Island: Definitive Edition for a PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release. This supposed HD remaster is being distributed not by Deep Silver, but its parent company, Koch Media. We thoroughly enjoyed the first Dead Island game with its open-ended, zombie-bashing gameplay set on a tropical resort and hope this turns out to be a legit project.

A Definitive Edition for Dead Island makes sense, considering the hiccups in Dead Island 2's development. Last week, we reported that Deep Silver dropped Yager from developing Dead Island 2. Just a few weeks prior, Deep Silver announced that Dead Island 2's release was delayed to 2016. Delaying a game's release to the following year and axing its development team are telltale signs that Deep Silver wasn't happy with how Dead Island 2 was looking or playing. Unfortunately, they haven't revealed who is going to finish working on the sequel. Likewise, Loot's listing doesn't reveal who is bringing the first Dead Island to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Whether or not the Riptide content and the original game's DLC will be included has yet to be determined (it better).

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