Deep Silver wants you to have a say in what gets included in the Collector's Edition of Dead Island 2. After all, you're the one who's shelling out an arm and a leg for precious collectibles.

Voting is now open for fans all over the world who want to have a hand in picking what goes inside the hearty Collector's Edition package of Dead Island 2, which will be biting its way towards release in Spring 2015.

You can complete a survey via a Google Document through this link. There are 28 different items listed, all of which are a mix of physical and digital bonuses. You simply have to rate each item from 1 to 5, 1 being "Do not want" and 5 being "I need this!"

Examples of items on the list are art books, zombie figurines, character figurines, a Dead Island 2 beach towel, a Zombie flag of California (praying for zombears), a zombie arm back scratcher and a radio alarm clock with Dead Island 2 voice samples. Nifty.

Decide the fate of your wallet and vote, but don't dawdle since you only have until midnight on July 14 to let your voice be heard.