New pre-order content for Injustice: Gods Among Us features character skins from the DC Comics event "Blackest Night."

Available as an incentive on German Amazon, the "Blackest Night" pack includes a new skin for Batman replicating his guise as a Black Lantern during the comic book event. There doesn't appear to be any other Black Lantern skins included, which is a bit odd considering plenty of other characters in Injustice had Black Lantern looks in the comics.

Perhaps though the reason not everyone gets a skin is due to the inclusion of a new Zombie mode. Judging by the trailer below, Zombie mode turns every character into a grey and black version of their regular costumes, and gives them all red eyes. The trailer is actually too quick to get a real look at just what Zombie mode means outside of slightly altered looks, but it's certainly an interesting inclusion for a fighting game.