The Lantern Wars go on as the Sinestro Corps War expands itself onto DC Universe Online with part one of its War of the Light downloadable content. Just when you thought the battle between Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Kilowog and the rest of the Green Lantern gang against the fear-inducing group of Sinestro's Lantern Corps was already at its peak, the Red Lantern Corps has arrived to spread its rage.

Thanks to Sony Online's newest War of Light trailer, Guy Gardener, Bleez and the rest of the anger-fed Red Lantern Corps have come to become a common enemy to both the Yellow and Green sides of the spectrum. Supervillain characters in DCUO can expect to find new quests and rewards from Sinestro just as superheroes can do the same from Hal Jordan once the DLC officially drops on Jan. 28. People with memberships to DCUO get early access to the DLC starting today. It might not be the Blackest Night, but red is still a darn good color for players to fight.

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