These two trailers for Zombie Studios' first-person fright fest remind us how much we hate glow sticks, being followed and ghosts that popup out of nowhere.

Just like a horror movie where you anticipate a scare to come from one direction and you end up being sideswiped with another scare you never saw coming, the twin trailers for Daylight do the same. This first trailer for Daylight, titled "Don't Look Back," should be considered false advertising. The trailer takes us through an eerie, abandoned hospital setting where our only source of light is a cellphone, which also acts as a map. Going through this maze-like structure eventually led the player to an encounter with a female phantasm which scared the hell out of us, and it gets even better.

The second trailer, "Somebody's Watching," is set in a prison-like area where a small figure keeps running around you, indicating that you're being stalked by something much faster. While you were hoping that you'd get some sort of new equipment to ward off this new threat, you get a glow stick. That's right, a glow stick. You better hope these infernal spirits and monsters have a fear of rave clubs, otherwise, you don't have a chance.

Daylight will be scaring the hell out of gamers everywhere when it debuts on April 29 for PC and PlayStation 4. For the first two weeks upon its launch, PlayStation Plus members can download Daylight for PS4 for the price of $9.99. Non-subscribers can buy it for price of $11.99. PC gamers who pre-order Daylight before April 29 can get their scares for the price of $9.99 also. After these promotions end, Daylight will be for sale at the standard price of $14.99 for both PC and PlayStation 4.