Om Nom’s quest for candy never stops, leading ZeptoLab to create a new addition to his adventures with Cut the Rope: Time Travel. There are several previous editions of Cut the Rope, but this time Om Nom gets himself into a real pickle when he chases candy into a wormhole and finds himself meeting his ancestors throughout time. Not so surprisingly, his adorable forefathers share his affinity for delicious candy. While it’s neat to travel throughout time, the big question is will he make it back to the future!?!

This newest Cut the Rope game possesses everything necessary to make it a convivial little time killer. The stuff that made everyone fall in love with the original in the first place is still present, but this time it’s supercharged and hulked out. There are twice as many mouths to feed in this outing -- one monster from the past and one from the present. Don’t rush out and get that second job though, the game gives you all the resources needed to make sure these hungry hungry Om Noms stay fully fed, satisfied, and far from throwing ugly tantrums.

Six new worlds provide fresh terrain for Om Nom to explore and scavenge for candy.
Sail on a pirate ship, swipe sweets from mummies in Ancient Egypt, go back to the Stone Age, the Renaissance, Ancient Greece, and the Middle Ages. The colors are vibrant and Om Nom’s ancestors are decorated in charming outfits to match the era. Each world incorporates fifteen levels to traverse, and in each you’ll be collecting stars and feeding Om Nom, who apparently has a bottomless pit of a stomach. Like the previous Cut the Rope games, each new world is unlocked after achieving a certain number of stars, which is a great motivator to not only beat each level, but master them.

There’s plenty of new elements at play here, too, such as buttons to freeze time, flying candy, and revolving doors for Om Nom and his mischievous ancestor to rotate through. Some of the trickier levels will incorporate multiple gadgets at once, meaning that you’ll have to not only master each doodad, but figure out how to work it in conjunction with its fellow doodads making timing and precision finger movements crucial.

One minor complaint about Cut the Rope: Time Travel is that it’s not always responsive to your finger movements, and for a game about precision timing, that’s a problem. However, since each level is, at most, only a few seconds long when executed correctly, it’s not too big of an issue if you have to repeat a level because it didn’t recognize your movements.

If you enjoyed the previous Cut the Rope titles, you will probably love Cut the Rope: Time Travel. If you aren’t familiar with these games, rectify that immediately. CtR: Time Travel is reasonably priced and easy to play, with in-depth descriptions of the game and its mechanics to help you along. Plus it doesn’t beat you over the head with in-app purchases. Most importantly, though, it’s a blast to play and exercises both your manual and mental dexterity.


App Store Link: Cut the Rope: Time Travel for iPhone & iPad | By ZeptoLab UK Limited | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0 | 32.5 MB | Rating 4+

9.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating