One of the key figures behind the Uncharted series has recently left Naughty Dog amidst the development of the franchise's first next-gen title.

According to IGN, it has been confirmed by Sony that Amy Hennig has departed from Naughty Dog. At the time of her departure, Henning was the head writer and director of the next entry of the Uncharted series. This fourth Uncharted title was going to be Naughty Dog's first game released on the PlayStation 4. Hennig had also recently celebrated her 10th year of working with Naughty Dog, where she acted as director and lead writer for the first three games in the Uncharted series.

Insider sources claimed that Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, both Naughty Dog game directors coming off of the success of The Last of Us, ousted Hennig and that development of the Uncharted series might be handed over to them. A Sony representative has contacted IGN stating that the developmental time of the next Uncharted title will not be altered by this change in leadership.

It's a shame Naughty Dog will lose such a prominent female guiding force in the industry. With Hennig's track record, it shouldn't be long until she's bringing her ideas to other studios eager to have the woman behind such a wildly successful (commercially and critically) franchise working with them.