Crazy Monster Bowling has an all too knowing moniker, as the deluge of advertisements slathered throughout this game is absolutely annoying. The good news is it's a free download, and if you can train your eyes to focus on the actual bowling, then you may have a good enough time.

Throwing a monster down different terrains and nailing as many creatures as possible brings a slightly different take to bowling, and the actual mechanics makes Crazy Monster Bowling a seamless experience. With the use of one finger, simply swipe your chosen monster to your intended goal, and collect as many stars along the way to increase the overall score. Various obstacles will impede the creature's path, and you can use your finger all throughout the roll to change its speed and direction. Once impact is made, a lot of pows and whams are headed your way.

Game Center fans will also love the 56 achievements available to unlock, with most of the challenges centering on achieving milestones in cumulative points, opening up different levels, and simply just playing the game numerous times. Getting to purchase different monsters and use them as your personal bowling ball is also a positive, and I was more than happy to add a creature in black to my roster.

As far as the levels go, my current favorite occurs on an ice bridge. Timing your monster is extremely important at this stage with bombs and other creatures waiting to derail your path. I keep coming to this sequence, as its details really pop with on the iPad. For this one level alone, Crazy Monster Bowling is worth the free download.

The real downer, of course, are all the ads peppered that are liberally sprinkled throughout the title. Even if the actual bowling is straightforward and fun, getting to the next game is a minor nuisance, as you will be led to a screen plugging the latest free app to download. If you're willing to drop $2.99 for the pro version of Crazy Monster Bowling, you'll have the benefit of playing through zero advertisements, as well as the ability to engage in multiplayer mode from the get go. If you've downloaded the game for free, you will still have to purchase at least 2,000 coins, which will cost $0.99, to unlock the multiplayer mode. The pro version gives players 50,000 coins upon download, which translates to an extra 48,000 coins for a two dollar difference. After completing each round, a victory sequence pops up, and with all the social media linkage and ads that surround the game, winning can be such a halfhearted experience.

It's understandable that in-game purchases are a necessary evil to turn a profit, but having to ignore ads that distract from actually enjoying Crazy Monster Bowling is a downright nuisance. Money should be spent to enhance one's gaming journey, not to erase flaws that shouldn't have existed in the first place. I'll probably return to the title to rack up more Game Center points, but going through the motions, even if it's playing with monsters, is just a bad idea, even if you're a little crazy.


App Store Link: Crazy Monster Bowling for iPhone & iPad | By Neonfive Studio | Price: Free | Version: 1.0 | 109 MB | Rating 4+

5.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating