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    Justice Society of America

    Type of game: Fighting game

    The universe of DC Comics boasts an impressive history. They've got heroes whose accomplishments stretch back to the beginning of the twentieth century, many of whom are members of the Justice League of America. The Flash (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Cat Man, Red Tornado, Power Girl, Mr. Terrific. All are varied characters with varied abilities. The Flash would be a high-speed, low-health character capable of covering the entire screen in a second. Red Tornado would have a complex, but highly satisfying, moveset. Superman's cousin, Power Girl, would put you in the freaking ground. Let's give these heroes a fighting chance!

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    Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

    Type of game: Open-world fighting

    Spider-Man 2 was an amazing film, and its video game counterpart was equally amazing. It blended the open-world design with Spider-Man's world to create something truly spectacular. Gaming has advance a lot in the years since Spider-Man 2, so now would be a fantastic time to do another Spidey game. As Miles Morales you have most of the abilities of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but with a few modifications. He may be younger and less athletic than Peter Parker, but his "venom blast" electrical/neurological attack and active camouflage would make for great gameplay.

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    Birds of Prey

    Type of game: Open world brawling/detective

    The Birds of Prey are a team of low-powered, highly skilled superheroines. There's the newly wheelchair-free Batgirl, sonic screaming Black Canary, sword-wielding Katana, quick-firing Starling, and frequently villainous Poison Ivy. Each character could represent a different way to interact with this open world game. Katana would focus more on stealth kills. Poison Ivy's power grows and wanes depending on how much foliage is around her. The remaining Birds of Prey would each utilize their different gadgets and skills to take down their foes differently, as well as provide access to different parts of the world.

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    Type of game: Platformer

    Get lasagna. Avoid Mondays. Sleep 24/7. Garfield's about as gangsta as it gets, boy. All right, not really, but this famous feline would probably be right at home in a 2D platformer game reminiscent of the Super Nintendo era. Throw in some modern niceties such as snarky writing, drop in/out multiplayer, and occasional 3D segments where Garfield slips on x-ray goggles to sneak into the kitchen unnoticed, and you've got yourself one weird, but fun, game.

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    Ambush Bug

    Type of game: Point-and-click adventure

    Good ol' Ambush Bug is DC's wacky neighbor — nothing major ever happens with him, he just sticks his head in once in a while for a laugh. Given that the most memorable point-and-click games generally had a sharp sense of humor to go along with their brain-teasing gameplay, Ambush Bug seems a natural choice for the genre. As AB, you'll flit from one DC hero's story to the next, from the darkness of Gotham to the bright lights of Metropolis and the watery goodness of Atlantis. You'll annoy heroes everywhere you go, all while battling Ambush Bug's dreaded arch-nemesis ... Argh!Yle!, an animated, evil sock.

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    Red Sonja

    Type of game: Stylish action

    There's something sexy about ass-kicking chicks in chain mail. Maybe it's the power and athletic prowess on display, maybe it's the amount of skin on display, or maybe it's the fact that they've got it, and they're flaunting the hell out of it. Red Sonja is perhaps the most famous of all lady barbarians, and she's got a reputation to match her fame. Her sword skills are nigh-unmatched, and her thirst for vengeance unslakeable. A Red Sonja game would play out similarly to God of War or Heavenly Sword, starting you out abused and betrayed by the world, but, through sheer force of freaking will, you rise out of your misery and rampage across the barbaric lands, dispensing justice one chopped off head at a time.

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    Jonah Hex

    Type of game: Supernatural Red Dead Redemption

    Misshapen gunslinger Jonah Hex lives in a dangerous, occasionally supernatural, version of the Wild West. An open-world game featuring him as the protagonist could build off of much of what made Red Dead Redemption so much fun — Wild West antics and the ability to go way, way off the beaten path. You could befriend Iron Jaws the wolf and occasionally complete anachronistic missions as one of the Five Warriors of Forever. Unlike most Rockstar games, however, you wouldn't be able to harm innocents thanks to Jonah's pesky code of honor.

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    Calvin and Hobbes

    Type of game: 3D platformer

    It's been too long since legendary Calvin and Hobbes creator decided to put away his pen, and we the people, hunger for more of their adventures. In a 3D platforming game, Calvin and Hobbes could explore the vast woods behind Calvin's house, as well as the lush landscape of his imagination. Battle deranged mutant killer monster snow goons! Escape a stampede of brachiosaurs in 20 million B.C.! Make sure nobody pollutes up Mars! Normal levels would see Calvin and Hobbes interacting in tandem, much like Banjo and Kazooie. Others would take cues from Calvin's recurring fantasies and provide changes in gameplay, such as Spaceman Spiff's shoot 'em up stages, Stupendous Man's super-powered crime-fighting, or Tracer Bullet's dark noir mysteries.

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    Type of game: Survival horror

    Cassandra Hack's had a rough life— her mother was a "slasher." You know, one of those undead knife-wielding maniacs you see in the movies who hacks up promiscuous teens before getting taken down by the virginal hero. Because of her blood-soaked heritage, Cassie's spent most of her own golden years fighting against other such slashers, destroying them before their inevitable sequels. A Hack/Slash game would merge survival horror with a hard side of action. After all, Cassie Hack's no slouch, but she's only human. In addition to her own unique rogue's gallery of slashing undead, Cassie's been known to face off against famous murderous freakshows, like serial killer-turned children's doll, Chuckie. You'd be hard pressed to find better fodder for boss fights.

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    Type of game: iOS Fighting game

    Popeye the Sailor Man: Fighting Edition. The cast may be small with just two characters, Popeye and Bluto, but it more than makes up for that in attention to detail. Your lifebars are lifeboats, and as you take damage, they travel across your bar until reaching dry land. Your super meter? A can of spinach. Wimpy the hamburger-obsessed mooch acts as the pre-fight announcer, giving his thoughts on the match-up and asking for burgers. Plus there's no feeling greater than filling up Popeye's super meter and unleashing his ultimate attack- Why I Oughta- while his theme music blasts out and gets you pumped like Santa Claus at a rave.