Roller coasters are one of my earliest fears, and biting my lip as I experienced my first loop is a memory I'd soon forget. But with a bit of foolhardy bravado, I ended up loving the amusement park's go to ride, so I was more than willing to delve into the latest iOS release Coaster Crazy Deluxe. A bit of insanity prevails in this app, and maybe that's a good thing.

Coaster Crazy Deluxe has gamers construct their own roller coasters from the ground up, as they must also purchase the property to build their grand contraption. Extending and shaping your tracks requires the simple slide of your finger, and to purchase various items, simply touch on the icon and the deal is done.

The most complex aspect of the app lies within the player's imagination. Although you will have various challenges to meet within the construction of each coaster, the amount of creativity you put into your work of art should correlate to your enjoyment. With pinch of your fingers, you can zoom in and out of your tracks and move them to your will. By getting a three dimensional scope of your environment, you're given an entirely broad canvas to paint.

One of the app's strongest features is its sense of perspective. When you get your motley crew, who are dubbed as the "crazies," to try out your roller coaster, the ride can be viewed through an up close and personal vantage point or from afar. You can also take snapshots of the ride, as the camera icon is located on the right side of your device.

Don't worry about killing the crazies, as they were given that nickname since they really can't die from your architectural mistakes. If you realize your roller coaster is still unsafe for public consumption but the crazies have already started the ride, just hit the eject button to end their journey and save yourself a bit of time.

As much I loved the app's mixture of intricate detail and an overall playful spirit, the actual game play did get a bit monotonous after I advanced a few levels. Everything about this title is completely competent, and its visual design was impressive, but the Coaster Crazy Deluxe wasn't as crazy as I wanted it to be. The roller coaster cliche, as far as description goes, is that you're supposed to have a "thrill ride" from your journey. Unfortunately, that certain spark or shot to the gut isn't there. This app does have its moments, however, especially since larger than life kangaroo structures rarely visit my iPad.

One reason I may revisit Coaster Crazy Deluxe is that for $1.99, what you see is what you get. There are no in-app purchases to speak of, and in these days of the iOS driven money grab, it's simply a rare thing. Just on this sense of goodwill alone, another ride with the crazies may be in the offing, especially if they bring balloons to the party.

Though there is a bit of inspired madness behind Coaster Crazy Deluxe, I was left a tad uninspired with my roller coaster experience. Maybe I was expecting too much fireworks from the get go, and I'm more than open to giving this app several more runs on my iPad. This is a more than serviceable app, and there are a ton of excellent elements that may make you appreciate this game on a deeper level. Unfortunately the thrill, at least for me, is gone.


App Store Link: Coaster Crazy Deluxe for iPhone & iPad | By Frontier Developments Limited | Price: $1.99 | Version: 1.0 | 320 MB | Rating 9+

6.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating