Club Nintendo is offering a reward for a limited time that might entice Super Smash Bros. fans to spend their coins.

Every now and then, the Club Nintendo rewards shop features some items that sell out quickly and take months to get back in stock. This very well might be one of those rewards. A three-poster set for Super Smash Bros. is now available for 700 coins. The posters highlight the Villager, Rosalina and Luma and Lady Palutena. Each poster measures 22" x 28" and comes shipped in a poster tube, all rolled up and free of wrinkles (hopefully).

The Rosalina and Villager posters are rendered in 3D reminiscent of the game's graphics, but the Palutena poster features 2D, anime-styled art with Pit, Link and Dark Pit sharing some of the space with the green-haired goddess.

Expect a shipment of these posters to take two-to-three weeks to process and ship after you've ordered them through this link. If you're a collector, it's best not to dawdle!