Cloud Spin centers on the aerial adventures of Lucky, a bold rabbit who doesn't mind getting hurt just as long as he gets the chance to fly. Skytrain Studios definitely aims for a game that refuses to stay grounded with any kind of creative restraints, and it's that risk which turns a $1.99 app into a one of a kind experience.

Gamers start Cloud Spin in Tournament Mode, as Lucky is tasked with attempting to score enough points to at least win a bronze medal. Once a medal is awarded with each stage, players can advance to the next environment, and once they successfully complete the Dragon Run level, Free Flight Mode is unlocked. To achieve a high score, Lucky must fly in close proximity of danger while picking up enough stars and multipliers along the way. If Lucky smashes himself into various obstacles along his travels, the level is effectively over. Surviving the stage is important, but once you get the hang of the terrain, the new objective is to get enough points to grab a medal and push forth.

Two fingers are needed to navigate Lucky, with one finger used for directional purposes and the other employed to give your rabbit a bit more acceleration. Simply dodging danger and picking up a few trinkets along the way simply may keep you alive, but if you want to win the medals, Lucky really must feel the need for speed. So going as fast as possible without smashing your rabbit against the rocks, and grabbing as much bright gold coins and stars in the sky are the main ingredients for your success.

It's hard not to crash while soaking in Cloud Spin's beautifully rendered visuals. The first two stages, featuring a pretty city floating in mid air, is simply awe inspiring, and based on pure appearance alone, the game is a total home run. Created solely for the iPad, Cloud Spin is proof that iOS gaming can thrive within a complicated and intricate universe. With all due respect to handheld systems, having a larger screen at your disposal, especially when taking in the gorgeous worlds traversed by Lucky, is the only way to go. If you're not mesmerized during the Dragon Run stage, where our hero zips through a neon, Chinese inspired carnival, then you're probably hooked on some strong medication.

Free Flight Mode is an entirely different creature, as Lucky's flight is beholden to the whims of the wind, which means controlling this courageous rabbit can be downright difficult. I'm still learning the intricacies of moving Lucky within this universe, and unfortunately, he descends to his death all too often thanks to my ineptitude. The wonderful aspect of free flight is time stops within this stage, as this section is more about exploration than racking up a certain score.

It's refreshing to know that for just $1.99 you can take a rabbit for the visual sky ride of his life. Few apps have ever led me to a daydreaming state, but none of them knew how to fly like Cloud Spin. Book your flight as soon as possible, and let those dreams guide Lucky to a better place.


App Store Link: Cloud Spin for iPad | By Skytrain Studios  | Price: $1.99 | Version: 1.1 | 280 MB | Rating: 9+

8.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating