More details about Dragon Age: Inquisition have been pouring out, thanks to lead designer Mike Laidlaw.

An interview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun features Laidlaw offering details about Inquisition's combat, exploration and choices.

Laidlaw touched a little bit on the game's combat mechanics and how the dodge rolls will work. Although dodges are a matter of reflex and skill, tactical players can use the skill strategically with the pause-and-play feature. Upon pausing, they can choose which direction they'd like to dodge and will end up in that area when they hit pause again.

The game's health system was also discussed and it was revealed that damage would be sustained, so managing your health is more important than ever. This means that you won't miraculously recover all of your health points once you leave a battle, making all fights challenging.

Laidlaw goes over the large world we'll be able to explore and says that it won't be a Skyrim-flavored open world, but will have "extremely large regions you can explore." He compares it to the "feel" of Baldur's Gate or even the exploration in Dragon Age: Origins.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Inquisition that was discussed was the fact that some of your choices can completely close off parts of the game. Certain choices you make could potentially lock out about 1/5 of the game. That sounds like it could make for some pretty interesting playthroughs.

Check out the rest of the interview here and await the glorious return of Dragon Age in 2014.