Sony has pumped the brakes on its scheduled Jan. 11 release of the PlayStation 4 in China after the country's government imposed that the company change some of its features.

The Chinese government has demanded that Sony make some adjustments to the PlayStation 4 console, resulting in Sony delaying its intended Jan. 11 release, Bloomberg reports. Unfortunately, no one at Sony would elaborate on the changes the Chinese government requested.

“The government asked us for final adjustments, which will take some time, so we decided to delay the launch date,” Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. spokeswoman Kaede Bun said.

It is likely that the Chinese government is still worried about video games' capacity for violent content and the potential for addiction, which was why the country banned console games from 2000 to 2014. Of course, PC, online and mobile gaming all flourished throughout China during the 14-year console ban. Nevertheless, both Sony and Xbox are working hard at trying to establish a foothold in the Chinese gaming market.

Everyone has a right to play console games, and we hope Sony is able to iron out China's demands without taking much away from the overall PS4 experience. Stay tuned and we'll provide up-to-date coverage on China's inevitable PlayStation 4 launch.