Ryu, Guile, Blanka, Chun-Li and Sagat are gearing up for an impressive debut at Comic-Con, but they're going to need the help of Street Fighter enthusiasts everywhere.

Capo Toys is gearing up to unveil a big announcement about its upcoming Street Fighter action figure line at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Capo Toy's Street Fighter Kickstarter campaign has just started in order to help crowdfund the line. Capcom will be making a big announcement about the series at its panel during the first day of San Diego Comic-Con 2014. These figures are roughly 6-inches tall and have over 19 points of articulation, depending on the character. The toys will also have micro fiber clothing to make each fighter as authentic as possible.

Expect to hear more about this impressive line during day one of SDCC 2014. Hopefully they unveil that E. Honda figure you've always wanted.

street fighter 2
Capo Toys

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