Capcom's Ultra Street Fighter IV has been out for a while now, which definitely should have given players enough time to get ready for the Capcom Pro Tour.

Capcom has announced that it's gearing up for the Capcom Pro Tour, and it's calling for the best of the best to show off their Ultra Street Fighter IV skills. This year's Capcom Pro Tour will be bigger than ever with PlayStation backing the whole shin dig, as well as Capcom and Twitch. There will be more contestants (raised from 16 to 32), more premier events and more feedback garnered from the entire event. Of course last year's Capcom Cup Champion, EG Momochi, will automatically get a spot within the top players. The competition will start out with best out of three and then move on to best out of five after the contestants are whittled down to the Top 8. The world and its players will be made up of four different regions: North America, Europe, Asia and Wild Card.

The tournament that players compete in decides what the prize will be. If you want to be rolling in cash, the Capcom Cup is the way to go with a $120,000 first place reward. Then it goes down to $60,000 for second place, $25,000 for third place, $15,000 for fourth place, $10,000 each for fifth and sixth place and $5,000 each for seventh and eighth place.

To check out the full details of the prizes, the Premier events, and what each region has in store, you can check out the post on the PlayStation Blog while you hone your skills in preparation of the upcoming events taking place near you.