New Micro Items to be added to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on March 13th.

Activision community manager One of Swords (aka Dan Amrich) spilled the beans on his latest blog post. The most recent title update paved the way for Mirco Items, even though they won't show up until Wednesday. None of the microtransactions included in Black Ops 2 will in any way affect gameplay. The items are geared towards personalization and customization.

Personalization Packs will be available for $2 (160MSP), and include unique weapon camos, three different targeting reticules (one each for the Reflex, EO Tech, and ACOG sights), and an additional custom Calling Card. One such pack coming is the Bacon Pack, which adds bacon to the exterior of your weapons. Nuketown Zombies will also be made available for $5 (400MSP). To make things even better, Nuketown 2025 will be free to all Xbox 360 owners starting Wednesday.

Micro Items will also include Extra Slots for $2 (160MSP), which will grant you 10 more create-a-class slots, as well as capacity to hold 20 more emblems, 32 more films and 40 more screenshots. There will also be new Flags of the World Calling Cards, which will be split up by region. Those will be available for $1 (80MSP) per region.

All-in-all, the offerings aren't really that terrible. Fans who want to pay extra for a bacon gun now can, and the rest of the players won't have to deal with any pay-to-win players. What do you think of Black Ops 2's new microtransactions?