This hidden weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a bit more contemporary, even relic-like, when compared to the game's futuristic arsenal.

According to Kotaku, the YouTubers at AH Community recently posted a video showing a special, one of a kind weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that is nowhere near as technologically sound as the normal repertoire of guns you have at your disposal in the game. This weapon looks to be leftover from the previous generation of warfare. In the Throttle level, you have to go out of your way away from the path you're normally supposed to take in order to find a special weapon that provides a rather old school-style of ordnance. The weapon has a simple file name of WEAPON_RPG, which suggests that it was never supposed to be included in Advanced Warfare in the first place. It is likely that this was brought in by accident from Modern Warfare III, which Sledgehammer Games helped develop DLC for prior to its work on Advanced Warfare.

The RPG is glitchy and has zero sound to it. Heck, we've always wanted to put a silencer on our rocket launchers.

We wonder how good that rocket launcher sounds: