The Call of Duty franchise's Twitter has gotten some serious redesigns and is posting all sorts of cryptic warnings about an Exo Zombie outbreak happening in Advanced Warfare.

The Twitter page for Call of Duty has been renamed "SRVR:ATLAS" and is now filled with narrative posts about hacking into an Atlas mainframe and getting all kinds of the behind the scenes info about Advanced Warfare's Havoc DLC and the Exo Zombie outbreak it brings. The tweets start off with someone logging into an Atlas computer, with the second Tweet mentioning that it was easy to hack Atlas' servers. We get to learn about the four famous actors who star in the Havoc downloadable content. John Malkovich plays an unlucky custodian who is trying to survive. Jon Bernthal is one of Atlas' security chiefs in charge of the compound. Bill "Twister" Paxton stars as an executive member of Atlas. Lastly, Rose McGowan plays the undercover agent who hacked Atlas' servers in person in order to relay its secrets to the public. Now, these four survivors must team up in order to make it through the night amidst an Exo Zombie outbreak.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Havoc DLC launches on Jan. 27 first on Xbox consoles. You know what would've been nice with all these lore-filled posts, Activision? An actual release date for the Havoc DLC on PC and PlayStation. Nevertheless, Havoc is expected to bring the undead to Advanced Warfare sometime before the end of January.

You can't Tweet out authentic gun noises though.

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