Check out this new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's multiplayer and watch how Sledgehammer Games truly redefines the COD online experience.

Sledgehammer Games' Advanced Warfare trailer for Gamescom 2014 features all of the new features coming to Call of Duty's multiplayer, with most of it stemming from the new Exo Suits that all characters will have. We don't care if those Exo Suits look like they're straight out of 'Elysium,' they have completely changed CoD's online gameplay.

It looks like Sledgehammer Games learned a lot from Titanfall. With the new Exo Suits, you're able to jump much higher than previous games. While you're up there, you can slam downwards to do an instant-kill melee attack. Similar to the Titanfall's mech movements, you can boost in all directions to help dodge and dash out of the line of fire. You can also cloak to give yourself temporary invisibility. There will be a lot more abilities you can unlock as you progress through the ranks. Unfortunately, you must select which Exo abilities you want as part of your loadout, so not all of these awesome moves will be available at the same time.

Just watching this new trailer, you can tell that Advanced Warfare has been listening to the complaints of Call of Duty fans. You no longer have to focus on covering and keeping your head down, you can just dash up to someone and shoot them -- it's all much faster and more fluid than before. In fact, this multiplayer trailer gave us a vibe we haven't felt since Quake III.

In terms of customization, XP is still the standard of progressing and ranking your character. You'll be able to customize your character, including their gear, outfit and Exo Suit. Advanced Warfare will have a Virtual Shooting Range (similar to Battlefield 4) that will let you tryout your new loadouts without having to put your K/D ratio on the line. Virtual Lobbies will let you showcase your character, allowing you to check out your opponents and party members before the game starts.

Once the match starts, there will be customizable scorestreaks for you to rack up, along with co-op scorestreaks for you to develop with your teammates. This will allow you and another player (preferably a buddy who you joined the match with) to use vehicles or heavy ordnance at the same time. There are now three versions of supply drops, Enlisted, Professional and Elite, which are based on the rarity of their contents.

There have been four maps mentioned so far. Riot takes place in prison after a massive riot. The prison itself still has some high tech defense mechanisms in place that can still be used against you or your opponents, and it also has a bunch of bombed out areas. Multiple prison cells means plenty of places for you to use as cover. Ascend takes place in a Space Elevator terminal, which is filled with futuristic technology. You can use the facility's turrets after you get a decent score streak. The Ascend map is also vertically oriented, meaning you'll be getting a lot out of Advanced Warfare's new maneuvers and acrobatics.

The Biolab is a map that features both indoor and outdoor areas. You can get to the roof of the lab and use that as a tactical advantage point against enemies outdoors. Defender is the most impressive level of the bunch. Who knew San Fran could be so deadly? This stage takes place at the Golden Gate Bridge and can get randomly hit with tsunamis that will drastically change the playing field for everyone. Make sure you use your Exo Suit to stay above the waves. You can also pick off players who are trying to keep their bodies afloat. Just remember that players can swim and can shoot once they get their head above water.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is slated for a Nov. 4 release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Even in the future, you better hope Call of Duty gets its gun sound effects right.