At this point, it seems like we should have killed all the zombies. Gamers have been cutting down hordes of the undead in game after game, year after year, and yet they keep coming. This time they're coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's first DLC pack, Havoc, and with 'The Walking Dead' comes a few familiar guest stars.

As you can see in the preview video (provided above), Havoc's not just a zombie pack for Advanced Warfare — this mamma jamma comes loaded with new levels, characters and a new laser gun for pew pewing your foes into dust. The new maps focus on shifting dynamically over the course of matches, with Urban opening up new doorways for players to strike from/escape through, Drift has an avalanche that will bury unsuspecting players while shrinking the map in the latter half of a game, Sideshow comes loaded with demonic, bomb-spewing bombs, and Core doesn't really change over the course of a battle, but it still looks cool as the last map of this DLC pack.

For the Exo Zombies mode, Sledgehammer Games is mixing things up by throwing super-charged, exo-suit wearing zombies at you. Zombies with jet packs? Sure. You'll be taking on these exo-enhanced undead as one of four guest characters familiar with fighting back the hordes of the dead. There's Bill "Game Over, Man" Paxton, 'Planet Terror's Rose McGowan, 'The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal and John Malkovich, who has never really fought off a zombie/alien horde, but he can do whatever the heck he wants because he's John Malkovich.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Havoc DLC pack arrives on Jan. 27th first for Xbox Live. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on Havoc's release date for any other platforms.

Even futuristic zombies have cool gun sounds.