Though classic maps haven't been a big part of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's multiplayer, that doesn't mean Sledgehammer isn't looking at the possibilities.

Fans have been getting headshots in the Call of Duty franchise for years now, and Sledgehammer is thinking that maybe some of those fans are missing some of the maps that they started out on. VG247 reports that because of this, Sledgehammer has been having discussions about how to implement some of the best parts about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare into some of the best classic maps of the series.

“One new piece of feedback we have heard in 'Havoc' is the fan desire to see some classic maps make their way to Advanced Warfare, and we’re taking a look at some opportunities to really highlight the vertical gameplay mechanics in some reimagined franchise favorites moving forward, like we did with Atlas Gorge,” Condrey explained. It seems that one of the things that Condrey is most looking to focus on is the veritcality of the game. Condrey went on to say, “Verticality is a key component of the new movement set in Advanced Warfare, and we’ve doubled down on that for 'Havoc'. We’re about to drop some news on how we’re pushing even further into that space in the coming DLC offerings, so stay tuned for more soon.”

Though nothing was confirmed, it's nice to hear that Sledgehammer is at least trying to figure out how to bring back fan favorites for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. If you have a favorite, now would be a good time to let it be known.