From the opening strains of its casual, island paradise driven score, one may assume Butterfly Sky is a casual game that is too laid back for its own good. Jumping from cloud to cloud as you collect butterflies sounds cute and leisurely from an outsider's perspective. But have you ever caught a butterfly with your bare hands hundreds of miles in the air? More importantly, is it worth the leap?

Butterfly Sky is free to play, which can either mean it's easily worth the download or it's a total epic fail cash grab. There is usually no middle road in the freemium world, but kissing a bunch of frogs to discover a bargain app is worth the trouble. Thankfully, butterflies are beautiful to behold, and with a bit of cloud hopping and kick ass power ups thrown into the mix, this title exceeds expectations. I love rabbit jumping and leaping in the skies, but put me in a green powered rocket and my day is set.

Timing your jumps, as well as figuring how high or low you want to travel between clouds, is skill that, at first, seems quite easy to master. The key to surviving is staying one step ahead, as indiscriminately jumping and trying to catch as many butterflies as possible will guarantee a quick fall to your death. Although rockets and your very own bird will aid you once you grab a power up, strictly focusing on your jumps should also guarantee a longer survival time.

It's hard not to get distracted during your runs, as there's a ton of stuff to take in. Whenever you do a cool jump maneuver, it's announced on screen, and during this sequence I also have magnetic powers for several seconds. There's no time to pat myself on the back, as sticking a solid landing probably is out of the question.

A set list of objectives must be accomplished to progress, and the butterflies that you've collected will be used to purchase various game play upgrades to help matters. On this level, Butterfly Sky follows a well worn path that may not entice the more discerning iOS lover, but there are treasures worth opening if patience is employed.

If your adventurer manages to land on a rainbow, he is taken to Butterfly Heaven. It's a world where you won't die and your only concern is to grab a few of those flying critters before you descend back to earth. With the need to make nearly perfect leaps on every tap of your device, living in this joy filled heaven gives gamers a much needed breather. It may last a few seconds, but luxuriating in this prettified universe is also a sublime, and unfortunately ephemeral, experience.

Butterfly Sky is much more difficult than it looks, and summoning most of your concentration and gameplay acumen is mandatory. It's not easy living up in the clouds, and catching flying insects is improbable even if you're stuck on the ground. But stay vigilant, find your rainbow, and see if heaven is only a few butterflies away.


App Store Link: Butterfly Sky for iPhone & iPad | By Funday Factory | Price: Free | Version: 1.0.3 | 41.9 MB | Rating 4+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating