New shaders, gear, public events, match-made Crucible chat channels and much more are coming soon to Destiny.

Bungie has revealed that it has a team that is completely dedicated to fixing up Destiny and adding all the features and changes the fans want to see. The former Halo studio announced it would be giving Destiny stronger Exotic weapons, new gear, The Dark Below DLC and channels made for chatting with match-made teammates in the Crucible.

Bungie has announced it is making new shaders, giving you additional ways to preview items before buying them, higher frequencies of public events, Crucible layout changes, new ways to get upgrade materials and a more generous Cryptarch. Of course, Bungie also has fixes, patches and other often-unseen technical changes it will be incorporating into Destiny as well.

"We’re adding some real estate for you to reclaim in The Dark Below. We’re also adding some mood and polish to untapped environments," Bungie's Deej said. "These are the things that turn an empty space into an experience – the sort that finds you fighting for your life. Our team has been weaving a new web to ensnare you."