Bungie's $500 million franchise is off to a great start, based on Destiny's statistics from last week's beta test.

Bungie has unveiled numerous statistics on its official website in regards to the masses' contributions to Destiny open beta's testing. In particular, 4.6 million players joined the beta, creating over 6.5 million Guardians -- that's a lot of headshots. We were very surprised that nearly a million players went to the moon, when it was only open for a few hours on July 26. Also, over a million players tried out the Iron Banner, which was a special player vs. player mode that took the Crucible's multiplayer gameplay and restricted most of its level-based abilities, making combat truly rely on a player's gun skills. The most surprising statistic would have to be that over 777,000 players downloaded and used the Destiny app for a game that was only in beta testing.

Bungie also mentioned that players are free to delete their alpha and beta versions of Destiny from their systems -- bonus emblems for participating in the beta are already registered on your Bungie account regardless if you keep the alpha and beta on your system or not.

Destiny launches Sept. 9 for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.