Based on player feedback, Bungie has announced some changes that are going into the Iron Banner events of Destiny.

Bungie has announced that it will be implementing changes for Destiny's Iron Banner player-vs-player events sometime by the end of the year. Many players criticized the event because it was meant to be more competitive and its gunplay was intended to be based on each players' gear. Guardians found that the damage was mostly left unaltered and the gear values negligible, with low-level Guardians often doing just as well as higher leveled ones that had beefed up equipment.

The Iron Banner multiplayer events will now require a level 20 or higher Fireteam leader. Lowbies will only be able to join if they are pre-partied with a teammate who is 20 or higher. Bungie claims that, in order to promote people from quitting Iron Banner matches, those who stay for the long haul will get Medallions of Iron when their team loses. These medallions can be traded in for more Iron Banner rep. Also, Lord Saladin will let players reforge their Iron Banner weapons to tweak the weapon's stats towards the user's preference.

Bungie has said that the next Iron Banner event will happen by the end of the year..

Destiny's gunplay sure has gotten people emotional.