Bungie is turning the tables in its newest Bungie Bounty so you can kill Destiny's top players in the World First raiding team, Invigorate Gaming.

As always, Destiny's upcoming Bungie Bounty will award its winners with an exclusive banner and some other goodies, but this time Bungie has announced that it decided to make the players the targets -- its best players, that is. Bungie's pitting Guardians against the pro team that has proved time and time again that they're the best, Invigorate Gaming. Most recently being the first team to clear Crota's End when it first launched, Invigorate Gaming has World Firsts for most of Bungie's major Strike and Raid content. IG will have five members teamed with Bungie community manager, DeeJ, taking on players in Control Crucible matches. DeeJ_BNG is on the team to give players "a fighting chance" at beating LtJohn5, Luminosity48, Ewoktapus, iiskampii and Luckycharms343, so aim for DeeJ the most and run from the rest.

If you manage to defeat Invigorate Gaming in a match tonight (Feb. 4) between 10:00 PM and 12:00 AM EST on PlayStation 4, you will be able to proudly raise your exclusive banner. If you like to watch, you can do that on Bungie's Twitch to see the gunfire from DeeJ's perspective.