Feast your eyes upon the impressive 'Imperial Edition' of The Elder Scrolls Online. Announced today by Bethesda, the massive collector's edition reveal was celebrated with a brand new, eight-minute trailer for its upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

The ESO: Imperial Edition comes with steelbook packaging; a 12" statue of Molag Bal, the demon prince of enslavement; a map of Tamriel, which shows player-versus-player areas and various landmarks; and the Emperor's Guide to Tamriel, a 224 page art book filled with tons of lore. The Imperial Edition, whether you buy a physical copy ($99.99) or the cheaper digital version ($79.99), will unlock the Imperial race, a white Imperial horse, a Mudcrab vanity pet and the Rings of Mara all added to your Elder Scrolls' account.

The lengthy cinematic trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online boasts plenty to ponder in regards to just how much of a day-one purchase this MMO might be. This trailer is nothing short of amazing and hints at the types of gameplay available for players to partake throughout The ESO. Be wary of those Daedric lords on the loose.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be coming out April 4 on PC and is due for an Xbox One and PS4 in June. Until then, you can sign up for the beta on The ESO's official site.