Nintendo might not be making big waves at retail with the Wii U, but that hasn't stopped Mario's makers from delivering major hits this year. In a year when Nintendo needed to deliver, it did. Now you get to pick which of the console's releases can lay claim to the Best Wii U Game of 2013.

We were treated to not one, but two different Mario adventures this year. Super Mario 3D World was a treat to play alone or with friends, where New Super Luigi provided endless hours of frantic frustration and fun in trying to complete some of the most challenging Mario platforming levels ever conceived. Rayman Legends gave both a run for their money as premiere platformers though, and showed third-party devs can make quality Wii U titles when given the chance.

No one will forget The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, or how gorgeous it looked. The same could be said for Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, which was a worthwhile piece of sci-fi genius. And we still haven't mentioned Resident Evil Revelations or Pikmin 3, yet. Well, okay, now we did.

You can keep casting your vote every day until 10am EST Feb. 11 when the polls close. Ensure your favorite game's fate, and decide which was the Best Wii U Game of 2013.