2016 is fixing up to be an amazing year for player vs player team-intensive titles. Major publishers abound are taking to this model that's almost MOBA-ish (like Defense of the Ancients or League of Legends) and infusing it with a much more action-intensive feel, such as being set in the skeleton of a first-person shooter. Some seem to be going the direct route of a 3rd person MOBA, not unlike Smite while others have a feel that reminds of the chaotic fun of Team Fortress 2, but each of them is bringing their own flavor and flair to the table in attempts to set themselves apart from the things that have been done before.

So in a single year of so many of these types of games, where does one even start? Which game are you going to want to rally your friends together to play? Which one can you head into alone without fear of not having fun with random teammates? What is it that each game is offering and is that particular flavor worth your time and hard earned cash? Well, we’re here to help. We’ve wrangled these games together to present what we know so far and why it might be worth your attention. Get together with your buddies and start planning your calendar and budget. These are 8 of the biggest team-based games to watch for in 2016.

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