While all the big talk has been about new consoles and their aging predecessors, the PC has been steadily chugging along with new and important titles all year long. Now's your chance to tell us which game you thought was the best.

Though every system had its fair share of unique titles in 2013, the PC championed independent developers and their new takes on what makes a game. Titles like Gone Home and The Stanley Parable defied conventions, and offered some of the most memorable and enjoyable gaming experiences of the year. More traditional games like The Swapper and BioShock Infinite were still strong on the PC too, but Papers, Please and Antichamber stuck out more because they were unlike most every other game on the market. Take a look at the nominees below, and decide for yourself which was the Best PC Game of 2013.

Voting lasts until 10am EST Feb. 11, and you can vote every day to ensure your favorite PC title comes out on top.