The Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4 is getting a patch to address some of its errors and glitches.

Battlefield 4's official blog has stated that the Battlefield 4 update on the Xbox 360 might result in some downtime. This update will address major game crashes, such as the one players experience when entering the IFV/MBT gunner seat.

This update for the Xbox 360 will also address the instances of muted sound in Team Deathmatch, permanently spotted bomb carriers and bullet impact sounds queuing too early for those on the receiving end of a hail of bullets. It will fix the rare occasions when free-falling players would spawn in the middle of their parachute along with a multitude of other rare bugs.

The actual update itself for the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4 should be relatively small and should only take a few minutes for the average player to download.