We have received some of the latest details about Battlefield 4's next expansion pack just as a new trailer for Naval Strike has landed ashore.

According to Polygon, the Dragon's Teeth expansion pack for Battlefield 4 will include a two-handed ballistic shield. Originally, the developers at DICE intended for the combat shield to be one-handed, offering the player the ability to shoot a handgun while carrying it like in other first-person shooters. Instead, they realized that to make it really standout, it should exist as a massive piece of protective cover.

Little else is known about Dragon's Teeth except that it will focus on ground-based, urban warfare (which makes sense considering the themes of the previous expansions).

As with previous expansions, both the Naval Strike and Dragon's Teeth expansions will be free to those with a Battlefield 4 Premium account. Dragon's Teeth is estimated for a Summer 2014 release while Naval Strike is due out by the end of March (Premium members gain early access to all expansions of Battlefield 4).