This official trailer for the Naval Strike expansion pack to Battlefield 4 features the most memorable use of a hovercraft ever done in the entertainment industry (except for maybe 'Rumble in the Bronx' and that horrible 'Police Academy' sequel).

While Naval Strike obviously will bring more of the massive levels we have come to know and love from Battlefield 4, we are very excited for its Carrier Assault mode, where you must storm or defend an entire aircraft carrier. More importantly, we're excited for the inclusion of the ACV Hovercraft, which is surprisingly fast and is able to traverse both land and water efficiently.

There are also old cannons included in one of Naval Strike's stages that actually still work. If you are able to kill anyone with the ancient weapon, you get bonus points for doing so, just be prepared for its arcing shots and slow rate of fire.

Naval Strike will be publicly available on April 8, but those with a Battlefield 4 Premium account will be able to gain full, early access to this aquatic expansion on March 25.