Dick Grayson, the original Boy Wonder, is back in this new teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Knightwhich reveals Nightwing's return. We're certainly digging Nightwing's new mask, which attaches to the neck portion of his costume and makes it seem like it was originally part of a Batman cowl. Let's just hope that Nightwing won't be exclusive to the game's Challenge Maps like he was in Batman: Arkham City. With Catwoman, Azrael and Nightwing revealed, we have seen three somewhat friendly faces to the Dark Knight who could prove to be allies in his fight against the Arkham Knight, Scarecrow and the rest of Arkham's worst. We certainly hope they will all be playable characters.

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The latest video teaser for Batman: Arkham Knight has revealed the return of Selina Kyle herself, Catwoman. Check the video above to see the new look of Batman's love interest/enemy. We're glad they removed all that eye makeup she used to have.

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive are preparing for a new Batman: Arkham Knighttrailer by releasing multiple teaser videos, each one revealing a new villain..

The first teaser trailer suggests the return of Azrael, who Batman encountered back in Arkham City. There were a few incarnations of Azrael seen throughout multiple Batman storylines throughout the decades, with the most noteworthy version being Jean-Paul Valley, who took over the mantle of Batman after Bruce Wayne was paralyzed by Bane in the Knightfall series. Valley was trained by a secret, evil religious society, the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas (a modern, extremist branch of the Templar Knights), and proved to be a worthy successor to Batman, at first. Valley eventually became too unstable due to his background, going against Bruce, Alfred and even Robin's instructions/teachings and resulting in the deaths of many criminals Batman would never have killed.

Azrael's cryptic message to Batman back in Arkham City reminds us that he'll likely return as an antihero who believes that his brand of fatal justice is absolute:

The prophecy is coming true; you are the warrior who will close the gates of hell. You are the one who will save this day, and in doing so, events will occur that you cannot stop. From the ashes of Arkham, the fires will rage and Gotham will burn, and you will burn too.

Before you start saying "but those legs could be the Red Hood's" or some other character (ignoring the hymnal music playing and Azrael's religious motif), I'll just post these pictures and let you figure it out:


Notice the tabard hanging in front of his knees, the red knee pads and the tape (or straps) going across the boots?


And here's what the Red Hood will look like in Arkham Knight:

Newsarama / DC Collectibles

Stay tuned as we'll keep you updated on the other teaser trailers that will launch before the next major trailer for Arkham Knight debuts on April 27. Batman: Arkham Knight will arrive on store shelves starting June 23 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.