UK retailer GAME might have just revealed Rocksteady's upcoming Batman: Akrham Knight before the game has even been officially announced.

According to CVG, an online listing on the retailer's website outed the brand new game from the crew at Rocksteady. The listings have been taken down, but not before CVG could grab a few fuzzy screenshots of the box art.


CVG said that the listings described Arkham Knight as the "explosive finale in the Batman Arkham series" and will allow players to cruise around in the Batmobile on the streets of Gotham. Additionally, Batman: Arkham Knight is only coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

With regard to the villains that will show up from Batman's Rogues Gallery, the listing said, "Face some of Batman's most notorious foes as the Scarecrow returns to unite Gotham's most feared villains."

While the listing may be gone, we can hopefully takes these as clues as to what we'll find in this next Arkham game. We'll update you on it as more news from the official reveal is announced.