Warner Bros. Interactive has revealed the details of Batman: Arkham Knight's steep $40 Season Pass, and it's going to star Batgirl.

We have learned what kinds of downloadable content will be included in the Season Pass of Batman: Arkham Knight. Many gamers were quite skeptical upon hearing that Arkham Knight was going to have a Season Pass that costs $40, which is a bit higher than most other Season Passes on the market (usually ranging between $15-$30), especially when considering the debacle of Warner Bros. wanting to churn out more paid DLC content for Batman: Arkham Origins instead of fixing the title's many game-breaking issues. Warner Bros. Interactive promises 6 months of new content and has revealed what they have in store in order to help justify the Season Pass' cost.

According to the series' official Facebook page, here is what Arkham Knight's Season Pass will contain:

Batgirl: A Matter of Family

  • An all new prequel story expansion in an entirely new location where you play as Batgirl for the very first time in the Arkham series.

The Season of Infamy

  • Play as Batman in all new story missions featuring legendary super-villains invading Gotham City, with new story arcs, missions and gameplay features.

Gotham City Stories

  • Play as Batman’s key allies in narrative missions extending their storylines, from both before and after the events in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Legendary Batmobiles with Themed Tracks

  • Drive the most iconic Batmobiles from Batman’s 75-year history, on custom-built race tracks, each themed to that Batmobile’s specific era. Every Batmobile will be drivable across every race track.

Crimefighter Challenge Maps

  • Engage in a series of new challenge maps utilizing the unique play styles of Batman and his allies.

Character Skins

  • A variety of skins from across the eras for Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman.

Unfortunately, Warner Bros. did not reveal who will be Batgirl in this DLC, as Barbara Gordon is currently confined to a wheelchair and assisting Batman as the Oracle; Stephanie Brown could be donning the cowl. On the other hand, the description does state that the Batgirl content is a prequel story, which could mean we're playing as Barbara Gordon before the events of The Killing Joke.

Do you think this collection of content warrants the game's $40 Season Pass or its $99 Premium Edition? Let us know in the comments below. Batman: Arkham Knight will be launching on June 23 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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