A glitch in the Xbox Live Marketplace inadvertently revealed the second planned downloadable character for Injustice: Gods Among Us.

It looks like Batgirl will join Lobo on the Injustice roster via DLC. Fans searching for new content accidentally uncovered Batgirl on XBL. Though the character wasn't actually able to be purchased, art and info was posted to the marketplace. Spotted by Game Informer, the leak has since been fixed, but not before video proof was captured.

Adding Batgirl makes total sense, as she's an extremely popular female character, and the Injustice roster could use a little more gender equality. There's no indication as to how Batgirl will play, or how different she'll be from other Bat-family members Batman and Nightwing.

With Batgirl's accidental reveal, that leaves two more characters that have yet to be announced as part of the season pass. NetherRealm has teased characters like Martian Manhunter and Professor Zoom before, but has thus far managed to keep its final choices under wraps.

While we wait for more official confirmation on Batgirl, let us know which two DC characters you would like to see added to Injustice as DLC.