Though we knew Batgirl was coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us already, we hadn't seen the heroine in action. This new trailer gives us a look at the moves and abilities of Babs, and also lets her get a few licks in on the Joker to boot.

Batgirl has gone through more than a few incarnations over the past twenty years, but the most iconic character to don the cape and cowl has always been Barbara Gordon. For a while (at least in the comics), Babs was out of action and confined to a wheelchair by the Joker, who shot and paralyzed her in The Killing Joke graphic novel. In NetherRealm's Injustice, it's not really clear if that story ever happened, but Babs is back, and she's keen on paying the pain forward.

In addition to showing off all of Batgirl's attacks, the trailer also shows off a new look for the Joker based on The Killing Joke. The costume pack will be released alongside the Batgirl DLC, but won't be part of the season pass. No pricing details were announced for the costume, however you can snap up Batgirl when she arrives for $5 (400MSP), unless you have the season pass (in which case she's free).