The latest trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity focuses on the story and Arno's bid for revenge, with the French Revolution serving as a backdrop.

In the trailer, we're introduced to Arno and his interactions with Napoleon Bonaparte. With the streets littered with the desperate and hungry, tensions run high as revolution sparks in the heart of the people. It is during these times that Assassins do what they do best, and Arno is no different, forging alliances with different people and engaging in all kinds of subterfuge.

We're also treated to a little of Arno's past, learning about his father and how he died an Assassin, prompting Arno to take up the life of a being a knife in the dark when he's older. The only problem is that his adoptive family is pretty high up in the Templar chain of command. What makes things even juicier is that his romantic interest is a female Templar named Elise De LaSerre, the daughter of the Templar Grandmaster who adopted him. The story would make for a great show on The CW.

Take a look at the trailer above and prepare for the French Revolution on Nov. 11.