Updated: Stream's over for today, but you can watch the replay right here.

Today at 3PM, we conclude our three-day Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign extravaganza.

We've seen America torn apart. We've seen the origins of the villain responsible for the Federation's attack on the U.S. In today's stream, we'll see what happens next. Will the Ghosts take the fight to Rourke? Can the Federation be stopped? How many more throats can Riley tear out? Watch as we play, and learn the answers to these questions and many more during today's playthrough.

Every weekday at 3PM EST (12PM PST), Arcade Sushi Streams will play a recent console release live on our Twitch channel. Stop by, check out the stream, and join the conversation as we play. If you happen to miss out, don’t fret. We’ll be posting the replay here as soon as it’s over.